why i become a journalist.....

Let me share a story with you. It’s about a Boy called Yadav Humagain. I warn you, it’s hardly breathtaking. How would you describe him? Much to him dismay he was far from exceptional. Extraordinary would probably be the last word that springs to mind. ‘Reliable’, ‘sensible’, and the occasional ‘fun’ were the terms thrown around by his nearest and dearest. Friends seemed to think calling him their ‘rock’ was something she enjoyed hearing. But who would want this existence? Comfortable, like those old shoes sitting in your hallway, scuffed and worn, the ones you can’t throw away .

Jealous could be another word. He envied those prodigious types. You know the ones, naturally talented. The ones who were born with paintbrushes in their hands, secretly leaving miniature versions of the Sistine chapel in their unknowing mother’s wombs. Those predestined doctors, lawyers, architects, directors, musicians, painters,Framer. I suppose it was from this jealously his fascination with other peoples live stemmed. His friends often joked she had a way with interrogating people, getting their life stories out of them at the first meeting. he could spot people with a story. “Where did you grow up? What do you do? What do your parents do? Are they divorced? Can you sing? Dance? What makes you extraordinary?” For some reason unbeknown to her she usually got answers, even if it took more time than he would have liked.
He’d never really thought about being a journalist when she was younger. Yadav had decided on being a Doctor. When he was 17, he worked a private job in Newroad . He was confused that what can he do in feature ? He saw & meet the photo journalist Mr. Dhurba Ale, he was inspired by his life style . Form inspired that he've left his previous study in patan campus in 2060 bs . he've lost his three year, but he is not worried about that , he is here form his self decision . he's stell remember that his brother have not support him when he's changing his course after weast three years time . He have't say him until now. Form my decision he've joined the journalist course in R.R CAMPUS . Now he was in here with suppor of friends MR deependra Rai . Now i'm studying in batchlor in journalism also working in sunrisr post weekly as a reporter .

today i'm happy to be here . but there is more think to do in life .

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